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Discovering Jesus Part 1 – Simeon

It is the Christmas season and we are going to begin a series of posts focused on discovering Jesus.

Our Standby

We ended our last post in this category talking about the Holy Spirit’s ministry. He is the Comforter that Jesus spoke of in John 14. The Holy Spirit is standing by to help us. Many people leave Him standing indefinitely and never look to… Continue Reading “Our Standby”

Standing For The Truth

It seems that society around us is falling apart. Things the Bible calls sin are now openly accepted. I live in the United States and have read that some state governments have even made moves to label whole passages from the Bible as hate… Continue Reading “Standing For The Truth”

Another Comforter

Did you know that Jesus loves you? The disciples had traveled with Jesus and served on His personal staff. They had to think that they arrived but then one day He announced that He was going to leave. This made them sad. Jesus went… Continue Reading “Another Comforter”

Who Is This Holy Spirit

We are going to begin looking to look in more depth at the ministry of the Holy Spirit based on feedback received from previous posts on this subject. Christians are given the opportunity to live life on a higher level by being led by… Continue Reading “Who Is This Holy Spirit”