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Traditions Of Men Part 6

We have been discussing our first tradition, the sovereignty of God. In my mind this has caused more damage that any other religious tradition. As we open this evening let me ask a question. People talk about God being the source of their sicknesses.… Continue Reading “Traditions Of Men Part 6”

Traditions Of Men Part 5

Welcome back. I closed the last post talking about the traditional teaching of the sovereignty of God. The way this has been taught has caused much pain in the body of Christ. There are going to be some people who read these posts that… Continue Reading “Traditions Of Men Part 5”

Traditions Of Men Part 4

We are spending time discussing tradition and its effect on the Church. In this post we will begin specifically looking at a teaching that has wrongly represented God and robbed far too many Christians from being able to experience His goodness. Making the word… Continue Reading “Traditions Of Men Part 4”

Traditions Of Men Part 3

I have heard people complain that things in their Christian life are not working. There will always be a reason why things are not working. The number one reason for this is deception. If we do not believe the truth then it will not… Continue Reading “Traditions Of Men Part 3”

Traditions Of Men Part 2

I have heard people confess that Jesus loves them. This is something every Christian believes. Unfortunately the majority seem to believe this to be true only when we measure up to some artificial standard. “Jesus loves me as long as I do the right… Continue Reading “Traditions Of Men Part 2”