Category: Discovering The Plan Of God

The Power Of Fear And The Plan Of God

Did you know that God desires to reveal His will to you much more than you want to find it? He created you for a specific purpose and desires to lead you into that place.

Are We Following The Holy Spirit Or Man?

Did you ever stop to think that if you get messed up as a result of following another person’s advise that it is your fault? If you have received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you have the Holy Spirit dwelling in your spirit.… Continue Reading “Are We Following The Holy Spirit Or Man?”

Four Friends Bring A Paralyzed Friend To Jesus

We have been examining the leper’s healing in this series of posts. Today we are going to begin examining a second individual healed by Jesus, the man who was brought to a meeting by four friends.

God’s Plan For Your Life

Did you know that a Christian should never work to make a living? While it is important for us to make a living our first priority must be the plan of God. He will take care of us if we will learn to put… Continue Reading “God’s Plan For Your Life”

Called To A Supernatural Plan

Did you know that our lives can be boiled down to one question: “What has God made us to do?” Each one of us has a specific plan that was written in God’s book before we took our first breath.