Fundamentals Of Divine Healing Part 8

Jesus has provided physical healing to us through His death, burial, and resurrection. He took our sicknesses into His physical body.

I have heard Christians talk about God’s healing covenant, but few seem to have a revelation of it. My wife and I used to attend a church that preached faith and healing. The leader would pray over the congregation on sometimes a weekly basis. However, it always caught my attention that they would have a prayer line to pray for the sick most everyone attending would respond. We talked about healing, but few of us believed it was a reality for our everyday lives!

It is not enough to just be able to quote Scriptures like 1 Peter 2:24. We must meditate on them until they become living realities. You need to see Jesus hanging on the cross, suffering from back pain if you have a back problem. The same is relevant for any condition, whether it be arthritis, cancer, or migraines.

As many were astonied at thee; his visage was so marred more than any man, and his form more than the sons of men. (Isaiah 52:14)

Jesus did not even look human because of taking our sicknesses and diseases into His physical human body! We would not be willing to put up with sickness in our lives if this truth becomes revelation in our spirits.

Jesus paid a tremendous price to redeem humanity. He suffered in His spirit, soul, and body. Everything that any human being will ever suffer entered His physical body for our healing.

Let me ask a question at this point. What benefit is there to be obtained from us suffering from any sickness and disease placed on Jesus? Many Christians believe that God uses sickness and disease to teach His children lessons, but few have ever considered this question.

A person who accepts sickness as “normal” or works to learn to live with pain is not honoring Jesus. I have heard people talk as if this did, but most of them are filled with anger, murmuring, and complaining. Their attitudes do not glorify God!

It will require effort to press into the Word and spend time meditating on the truth contained in its pages. This result will be revelation knowledge that will enable us to walk in victory over every area of our lives!

I believe that we honor Jesus more by fighting sickness than by accepting it in our bodies. God has provided for our every need in the redemptive work of Christ, and it glorifies Him for us to walk in complete freedom!

Some people fight against these truths. Religious tradition tells us that it glorifies God for us to suffer. Can you imagine any parent being happy by a person refusing to accept something their child paid for in their place?

While some people think it glorifies God for them to be sick, others know He can heal them but are concerned about bothering Him with the “small” issue. Jesus bore the tiny pains, and none of us should learn to live with any amount of suffering!

Jesus bore everything for us. He wants to experience total health and prosperity in the life we are living now. We do not have to wait until we’re in heaven to walk in complete freedom.

Jesus died to produce physical healing in our bodies. It honors Him for us to resist sickness just as we resist sin.

I believe that God is not pleased to see His children suffering when He has provided in the atoning work of Christ.

It is time for us to stop tolerating the things Satan places on us. We must become intolerant towards sickness and disease!

Christians must stop blaming God for their suffering. He is not the author of our sicknesses or poverty.

Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. (1 Peter 2:24)

Did you notice that Peter placed healing in the past tense? Jesus purchased healing by allowing His body to be “broken” in our place.

I believe that the problem that causes most people to struggle with healing is that they view it as something God will do. We are not waiting on God to heal us because He already has! He is now waiting on us to become aggressive in our faith and take what He has provided in Christ Jesus!

People embrace sickness as something that they can live with and tolerate. This attitude does not glorify God.

I believe that God hates sickness, and we must train ourselves to hate it just as much as He does.

And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption. (Ephesians 4:30)

I believe that it grieves the Holy Spirit for us to suffer from sickness and diseases. He does not want to see any human being suffering and in pain any more than He wants any person to spend eternity separated from God!

God has not detached Himself from humanity. He is concerned about the things we are and will never be bothered if we approach Him for help. We serve a God who is passionate about us and loved us enough to send His only “begotten” son to be sacrificed on the cross for our redemption.

We need to develop a vision of Jesus bearing our sicknesses and diseases on the cross. When it becomes revelation that He loved us that much, we will receive His healing power in our bodies.

Jesus took any illness or pain present in our bodies and bore them as He hung on the cross. If we meditate on these truths until they become a reality in our spirits, we will then begin to experience manifestation in the physical realm.

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