Fundamentals Of Divine Healing Part 4

The world needs to know that God will heal our bodies, deliver, prosper, and save us. I believe that this is the message of Scripture. It is a better message than what is being offered in the majority of churches today.

Ministers will tell their congregations that God wants them to suffer and be sick. Why would anyone want to serve a God who uses sickness as a teaching tool to train His children to walk holy?

I am becoming more and more aware that we need to develop an absolute hatred for sickness and suffering. Christians accept physical suffering when they should be resisting it as an attack of Satan.

Some refer to healing as the dinner bell of salvation. The Lord will use it to draw people to Himself. Churches arbitrarily have eliminated this from their message, which is a detriment to people getting saved.

Many people hear the Gospel message without committing to follow Jesus. Most do not doubt that this is true and that they need God.

People indeed need to repent or face an eternity in hell. Many people are not thinking far enough in advance to worry about heaven and hell issues. We are currently dealing with a pandemic that has caused large numbers of job losses. I live in the US, and our government leaders are moving the country towards socialism with policies crushing our economy. People are struggling through the hell they live in and need answers to their problems now.

Every person should be concerned about their eternal destination. We have presented Christianity as an escape from hell and removed its relevance for the present. People need to know that God will heal their physical bodies and supply all their needs here and now!

God has provided for the healing of your body.

God has provided wisdom for your marriage.

God has provided provision for all your financial needs.

God will deliver you from addiction.

We have a relevant message but are not preaching it. Some people have heard messages and do not dispute their need to secure their eternity but are delaying deciding to follow Christ. In most cases, the reason for this is that we have not presented a Gospel with any relevance to their day-to-day lives.

The Church has not been faithful to preach the entire Gospel message. Some have, but as a whole, most have not.

Heaven and hell are vital topics that we need to discuss. I am not making light of them but instead am saying there is a need to present a Gospel relevant to people’s needs. We serve a good God who has been misrepresented mainly by His Church today, and that is what I believe needs to change.

The miracles we read about in Jesus’ ministry and the book of Acts are for us today. There are just as many demons as ever, and Jesus has defeated each one. They exert control over people’s lives, and the Church has authority in Jesus’ name to cast them out.

God has provided healing in salvation, and we are called to minister as the early Church ministered. Can you imagine what would happen if we began to preach the goodness of God and demonstrate this with His healing power? In my experience, this is the message that eliminates resistance to the message of salvation!

I am attempting to change the priority we have placed on divine healing. Most Christians believe God can heal. We believe He can but face a disconnect when it comes time to believe that He will.

While there are exceptions, most mainline denominations will persecute anyone who preaches healing. I remember a precious pastor in one of these groups who developed a revelation of God’s healing power. He was so fearful of his denominational leadership that people would be taken to a dark corner of the church’s basement for prayer to keep people from seeing him pray for the sick. God honored his heart, and miracles took place. Leadership discovered what was happening and kicked him out, but the people were so enamored with seeing God move that the entire congregation of his church left with him!

Mainline churches seem to change their stance and say that God can still heal, but most still do not believe it is His will to do so for every person. Most do not think we have any part to play and advocate “tossing” prayers to God, hoping He will answer one of them.

I have heard many ministers tell their congregations that God can heal if He wants to. The majority still seems to embrace this thought process view, but it is not what the Word of God teaches.

It is not enough to believe God can heal if you desire to walk free from sickness and disease. You need to know that He will heal you. Healing is a part of the salvation package offered by God.

I believe that God will not fail to heal any person who approaches Him in faith just as He will not say no to saving a person who invites Jesus to be their Savior!

I pray that this study will help the reader develop an awareness of the fact that it is God’s will to heal today. We are unable to receive anything from God with doubt in our hearts that He will provide it.

And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us. (1 John 5:14)

John tells us that we can “know” that we receive when we ask God for anything when we “know” that our petition is in line with His Word.

People add the tagline “if it be your will” to their prayers, but this is wrong. It is possible to know the will of God because He has provided it to us in His Word.

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. (3 John 1:2)

John prayed for his readers to prosper and be healthy. We do not need to struggle with understanding God’s will for our lives. Many Scriptures like this one make it clear He desires all of His children to be prosperous and healed of all sickness and disease.

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