It is Time For Us To Declare The Truth Of God’s Word

Many people are hesitant to witness because they are afraid of turning the other person off or offending them. I have been guilty of this in the past. Over time I’ve come to realize that this is equivalent of rejecting the truth for that person. If this is true, is there a chance that God will hold us accountable for that person’s rejection of Him? We cannot say for sure but it is something we should think of.

Every person must be given the choice to accept or reject the truth of God’s Word. If God inspires us to share something and we do not, we are in essence judging those we are called to share with unworthy of that truth.

We originally started MB Media with a YouTube channel focused on sharing messages from ministers who have blessed our lives. Over time the Lord began to deal with us about developing our own voice. This started with our first Instagram channel, MB_Bible. We struggled with the channel because it seemed a foreign concept to post the Bible verse by verse on a Social Media platform. God had spoken and so we started. He has drawn people from around the world to read these verses as we finished Revelation, 3 John, 2 John, 1 John, and recently 2 Peter.

The Lord began to deal with us about the next step approximately two months after starting MB_Bible. Our second Instagram channel, MB_Devotional was launched with some hesitation. The hesitation was due to little thinking on my part. It was hard to think that God could speak through us but He did. As we were to post the messages He put on our heart people were drawn to the channel from more than twenty countries.

This blog is the fourth stop on our journey. God is continuing to increase our thinking and vision. As He does, we are endeavoring to share what He is putting on our hearts. This is not always easy. There have been doubts but it is not our job to please everyone. We will share what is on our heart and let our readers judge them for themselves. This is the same decision every Christian must make. Are we willing to speak the truths that God shares with us or are we going to let fear of man’s opinion stop us?

Ministers are often afraid to say what is on their heart. What would happen if they call out a sickness and a person answers the call but is not healed? If a person answers but the Lord shows the minister they are not ready to receive, most will throw out a prayer knowing the person will not be healed. They do this because it is much easier to say a prayer than tell the person they do not have faith to be healed.

It is time for us to come to the point where we will tell people the truth regardless of the consequences. Our little thinking has held us back for long enough. Are you willing to let the Holy Spirit expand you’re thinking to the point where you will stand boldly and declare the truths He reveals to your heart?

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