Living A Satisfied Life

We have been discussing the plan that God has for each one of our lives. I have learned that there is a high probability that I’ve stepped away from that plan if what I’m doing has become a drag.

There are far too many people who are miserable just thinking of having to go back to work on Monday. They suffer through the week with an eye on the weekend. This is not the life that God has designed for any of us to live.

Happiness is an external measure and we do not need to make any drastic changes just because we are struggling with our lives. Some people are making an impact and just experiencing persecution from the enemy. The majority of people who are dissatisfied have not yet found the plan of God for their lives.

Our personality, gifting, and callings are all for one purpose which is to fulfill a specific plan that God has for our lives. If we are not doing what God has called us to do we will not be satisfied with life.

There is a supernatural peace that accompanies walking in the center of God’s will. People pray for joy and peace but will never find either if they are doing something that is not the plan of God for their lives.

God will always call us to do something we cannot do alone. One measure of whether we have entered the plan of God or not is checking if we are doing something that can be accomplished through our own abilities.

We serve a supernatural God who will always lead us into things that are bigger than us. Accomplishing His plan will require for us to be absolutely dependent on Him.

The things of God must be pursued. We must seek God with all of our heart in order to find His plan for our lives. Too many people are trying to serve God in their spare time and I believe that this is the reason so many are struggling with finding His plan.

Satan will fight us every step of our journey into the plan of God. There will be trials that we will have to walk through. I recognize this but have discovered that in the midst of these trials we can have a supernatural peace that will carry us through. This peace is found only in the place that God has called us to walk.

Walking in the plan of God will require us to swim upstream against the current the world is traveling in. There will be resistance when we turn against the stream but there will also be a supernatural satisfaction springing up from our spirits that will sustain us.

God wants to reveal His will to us. It would be unjust for Him not to after inspiring Paul to write that it is unwise not to know it (Ephesians 5:17)! He wants to reveal it to us but we must be willing to pay the price to pursue it.

One key question for us to answer when considering these things is whether we can be satisfied without knowing if what we are doing is God’s will. This question must be answered because if we can be satisfied with not knowing whether we are in the center of God’s will then we will not walk in it.

We must seek Him with everything we have if our goal is to walk in the center of His will for our lives. As we give ourselves to prayer and meditation in the Word a dissatisfaction with anything less will begin to grow in our spirits.

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