Repentance And The Plan Of God

We are not advocating meditation in the Word over prayer. Prayer should be a living fellowship with our heavenly father. The first place He will speak to us is in His written Word. Prayer must be built on a strong foundation of the Word of God. We were born again after the “incorruptible” seed of the Word of God was planted in our hearts. Jesus said that the Word of God is “as if a man should cast seed in the ground” (Mark 4:26). The world operates according to the principle of seedtime and harvest (Genesis 8:22). Every living thing begins with a seed. Our Christian life is no different. The Word of God is planted in an unbelieving heart when it is delivered by a believer (Romans 10:8-10). The time we spend in our “cocoon” will involve hours of consistent and careful study. Most of us will have to attend to the needs of our daily lives during this time. We cannot neglect our family or work. This will require discipline. Kenneth E. Hagin was said to spend hours sitting at a desk in his home studying the Word. It was said that he would get up to eat with his family and then return to the desk until it was time to tuck his children into bed. He would spend time with them and then return to his desk once they were tucked in. I heard his son say that his father would often still be at the desk studying when they woke up the next morning.

Very few of us will be able to drop everything to spend hours alone with God. We will not be able to take months off from work to pursue the Word of God and so must find a balance. One of Satan’s tactics is to distract us with our responsibilities. He will constantly remind us of things that need to be tended to when we sit down to spend time in prayer or meditation in the Word. It is possible for us to fellowship with the Holy Spirit while going about our daily activities. We can think about the Word and look to the Holy Spirit for guidance while working. I do not think it is possible for any of us to reach the levels of success that God desires for us without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We have to deal with our natural obligations and that is where the price enters the picture. Are will willing to wake up a few hours before our family does to spend time in prayer and the Word? The cost may involve putting away the newspaper, turning off the television, or even missing our favorite sports team when they play. Kenneth E. Hagin used to talk about enjoying western novels but not having the time to read them because of his ministry. Our success in this journey will require us to make a commitment to the Word of God. People allow themselves to be transformed by news programs, favorite television programs, or their favorite sports teams. I’ve known Christians who could relate all of the latest headlines, the latest Hollywood gossip, or their favorite athletes’ latest stats. Each one of us must individually choose what we are going to choose as our number one priority. The things that we are discussing are not popular in the “seeker friendly” culture of the modern Church. We try and make people as comfortable as possible when they attend a service and avoid anything that could be considered confrontational. The idea of having to pay a price for the anointing is foreign to many Christians. It seems that the goal has been to pursue God without sacrifice. People will often make excuses for their lack of commitment to the things of God. It is important for us to understand that God’s love for us is not based on whether we pay the price or not. He loves us the same regardless of our level of commitment to His Word. The devil will often bring condemnation during discussions like we are having. Paul tells us that there is no condemnation that will ever come from God (Romans 8:1). God is merciful. He will forgive us if we turn to Him. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman. We can either accept the provisions God has provided in His Word for us or not accept them. He will never force us into His plan. There are many who have left this earth and entered heaven without discovering the plan of God for their lives. Each of these were accepted the same as those who paid the price because of the blood of Jesus. The Holy Spirit will guide us step by step if we decide to present our bodies as living sacrifices and then immerse ourselves in the Word. He will be with us if we do not make this decision. It will be unlikely that we will know His voice without a strong foundation in the Word. It is not enough to long for an awakening or revival. We are at the end of this age. Jesus is going to return for a glorious Church but unfortunately it has become difficult to discern the difference between a Christian and sinner in most churches. Christians suffer from the same sicknesses and are just as bound up in debt as the unbelievers around them.

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