Developing Our Spiritual Hunger

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. (Matthew 5:6)

Hunger is a major key that must be developed in our quest to discover the plan of God for our lives. Our hunger will grow and be developed as we spend time meditating in the Word of God and waiting in His presence. Time spent seeking the Father is never wasted and if we seek Him we will find Him (1 Chronicles 28:9). We will have to discipline our flesh because it will fight us every step of the way as we give ourselves to time in the Word. The flesh nature is very ‘self’ focused. It wants instantaneous gratification but this is not how the things of the Spirit work. In our last post we discussed divine encounters. People often seek a divine encounter because they want to shortcut the process. Spiritual development is not a quick process though and there are no shortcuts in the things of the Spirit. A person who is able to dwell in the deeper spiritual rivers never starts out there. We often start with a small puddle that our toe will barely fit into into. If we will make a habit of spending time in the Word and prayer we will begin to develop our hunger. Over time we will find that small puddle become a bigger one that our who foot will fit into. If we are patient and stay the course, we will eventually find ourselves moving into the deeper waters.

At this point in our journey of discovery the plan of God we should ask ourselves what price we are willing to pay? How hungry are we for the plan of God? Is there anything else that we desire more than Him? As we think about these things it is important for us to be honest. A major key to spiritual growth is our being willing to admit that there are things in our lives we have allowed which have become idols. Laying these things on the altar will be a part of the price that must be paid if we are going to fully submit and step onto the plan of God.

Over the years I’ve observed that there are a lot of people who believe that God exists. There are few though that are will to pay the price to pursue Him with all of their hearts. A piece of our heart may belong to their family, another to our career, and still another to our favorite sports team or entertainer. We serve a jealous God and He wants our whole heart but He will not force us to surrender everything to Him. We are not wind up dolls that have been dropped on the earth to muddle along and figure things out as we stumble through life. God has anointed each of us and filled us with His Spirit. If we will pay the price to pursue Him with our entire being, we will discover His plan for our lives and the Holy Spirit will guide us step by step to enable us to successfully follow it! If we are not taking the time though to position ourselves to allow Him to reveal the plan, we will never step into His anointing and experience the fullness that was planned for us before even the moment of our conception!

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